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Igbokwe Odinachi Henry -
Dir. of Administrations
Mining, Extraction

As the Director of administrations for AJH Trade Partners Limited, Odinachi Henry embodies the values of integrity and innovation. Henry has played a pivotal role in the company's growth and success. His visionary leadership has guided AJH Trade Partners Limited through both challenges and triumphs, cementing its position as a reputable mining entity in Africa. Under Henry's guidance, the company has embraced cutting-edge technologies, streamlined operations, and diversified its portfolio of projects. He is a strong advocate for responsible mining practices and believes in creating a positive impact on local communities through sustainable development initiatives. As a highly respected figure in the industry, Henry actively engages with stakeholders, government authorities, and industry peers to promote best practices and advocate for the advancement of the mining sector in Africa

Igbokwe Odinachi Henry

Director of Administrations
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