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Okonkwo Jessy Chukwudubem -
Dir. of Operations
Mining, Extraction

As the Director of Operations, Jessy Okonkwo is the driving force behind the efficient and safe execution of mining operations at AJH Trade Partners Limited. With a background in engineering and a passion for operational excellence, Jessy has been instrumental in optimizing resource extraction processes while prioritizing safety. Jessy's commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in the company's responsible mining practices and efforts to reduce its ecological footprint. His strategic approach to operations has been integral in achieving cost efficiencies and enhancing overall productivity. Beyond his operational expertise, Jessy is deeply committed to employee welfare and development. He spearheads training programs and initiatives that enhance the skills and knowledge of AJH Trade Partners Limited's workforce, ensuring a harmonious and highly skilled team.

Okonkwo Jessy

Director of Operations
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